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About Us

Bringing Change through Experience

As a resident of Alaska for 40 years, I have lived with my husband Mark, and my daughter, Amelia in West Anchorage for 26 years. We have many pets and love Alaska’s snowy winters and breathtaking summers and typically enjoy the outdoors. I want our daughter to have the same opportunities to grasp hold of her dreams that I did.

Many of those opportunities were inspired and made possible as an Alaskan.


My Story

My Most recent experience serving in the Anchorage community

continues to allow me to see a wide variety of family issues

which Alaskans have been dealing with historically as well as today. 

My professional experiences are diverse and provide me with the legal and regulatory knowledge and skills that are needed to overcome the challenges Alaskan face.

My experiences include being an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Alaska,

Commercial law litigator and Criminal Prosecutor; Administrative Law Judge (Hearing Examiner); Attorney Advisor in the General Counsel’s Office and Comptroller of the Currency, US Department of Treasury; six years on the Board of Directors of Chugach Electric Association, four years on the Anchorage Equal Rights Commission and three years on the

Anchorage Budget Advisory Commission.

My Priorities for the West Anchorage
office of State House

I will work to make sure the priorities of the Voters of District 16 (West Anchorage, Turnagain & Spenard) are my priorities in the Alaska State House.

My Practice as an attorney has more than prepared me over the years to continue fighting on your behalf.

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